HealthCARE is outdated!

HealthPartnering (TM) is today and the future!

Modern Cancer Care, LLC (MCC) is the first cutting-edge, research & education-based, adult cancer survivorship & prevention medical center to employ the HealthPartnering (TM) model .

MCC is also a Recognized SITE FOR the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)-Diabetes Prevention Program. Please contact us to share your interest in ENROLLING IN the CDC'S dpp@mcc 2019.

The First & The Future

We provide comprehensive and personalized HealthPartnering (TM) services to patients and others with an interest in cancer.

Fundamentally, we employ PREVENTIVE CARE PRACTICES designed to lower the risks associated with the development or advancement of cancer and/or certain other chronic illnesses.

 Our approach, using culturally-sensitive, survivorship medicine, is for people who:

  • Are high-risk for developing cancer
  • Are high-risk for developing certain other chronic illnesses
  • Are living with a cancer diagnosis
  • Have completed treatment
  • Need access to relevant medications

Our Care Centers

With our flagship office in downtown Baltimore, MD, we are the initial site of an emerging national chain of community-based cancer centers run by doctors and Advanced Oncology Nurse Practitioners, pharmacists and other medical professionals.

In collaboration with highly regarded, local and national oncology medical treatment centers / institutions, our mission is to:

"Perpetually reduce the impact of cancer on society by     providing increased access to quality, culturally-sensitive   HealthPartnering(TM) services and medications."

The 2018 CDC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) @ MCC is now full and closed to new registrants. Please stay tuned for new courses to come as well as a chance to attend future CDC DPPs classes at MCC. To announce your interest in the CDC's DPP program, please email CAPs directly at:

MCC is MBE/DBE/SBE certified!

HealthPartnering(tm) provides people with the motivation to influence the health systems within their communities and returns dignity to our citizens!


Survivorship & Prevention

Through Empowerment

Our “Education-First” and Partnership approach to care gives patients the power and motivation to impact their own outcomes and installs dignity.


Hosted by our non-profit affiliate, Chamblu's CAPs.


Through our multidisciplinary team of experienced medical doctors, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and others.


Supported by our licensed nutritionists, dieticians and others.


Broadcasts by our affliate, THG's Chamblu Studios.


Through our psychiatrists and counselors.


Through our on tenured patient navigators & social workers.

MCC is supported by an elite group of highly regarded DOCTORS AND OTHER medical professionals (Mentors) who practice AND WORK at major institutions nationally as well as in community settings.

See some of the amazing people involved with MCC

Chief Survivorship & Prevention NP: Alicia Price, MSN, RN, APRN-BC, AOCNP

Recognized as a passionate deliverer of world class nursing expertise, Alicia Price is licensed in 3 states with extensive experience serving patients in urban communities domestically including Atlanta, GA, New York, NY, and Baltimore, MD as well as internationally including South America, Europe and the Caribbean.  Intuitive and proactive, Alicia Price collaborates with top oncologists, institutions and industry professionals as a published and highly regarded professional.

As the Chief Nurse Practitioner at the country’s first national survivorship network run by Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioners, Alicia employs sharp business aptitude as well as smart and sensitive medical care.

Empowered Nurse Practitioners make it easier for you to get access to care. Learn more about NPs at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.


We Offer Patients State-of-the-Art Service

Because PREVENTION is better than treatment.

The MCC innovative approach to care features highly advanced integrations of common and familiar technological applications. 

Leveraging modern advancements in electronics and patient flow models, MCC delivers care that is effective and sensitive to patient concerns, including virtual appointments and web based programming.


Specialty Pharmacy

Get your medications, other pharmaceutical solutions and patient services right here - your local community based Cancer Survivorship & Chronic Disease Prevention Medical Center.